Popular Power is a resource for educators interested in permaculture, politics, and place-based organizing. The name, Popular Power, refers first and foremost to Popular Education–an embodied method of education that flattens the student teacher hierarchy (we are all students) in pursuit of social transformation, solidarity, and mobilization. Power, secondly, is the ability to create or prevent change. Taken together, Popular Power refers to our collective work in transforming society through egalitarian education and protracted social activism, organizing and ecological design.

This is also a professional website designed by Stephen Polk, MA, an assistant professor in the Environmental Studies department at Naropa University. This website is a partial fulfillment of a Permaculture Diploma in Education that I am pursuing through the Permaculture Institute U.S.A. I teach courses in permaculture, community activism, globalization and environmental rights in the classroom, and in professional and community settings. As a 14 year activist, educator, political theorist, cooperator, and permaculture designer, I’ve developed quite a bit of curriculum and other resources that I’d like to share–which I’m hoping will be a two-way street. I enthusiastically invite you to use any of the material and to provide any feedback, modifications, suggestions that you have. Together we can grow a movement!